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Euro Dog Show 2021 - Budapest


2021. December 28

About the show

The Euro Dog Show 2021 was held on 28-29-30-31 of December 2021 in Budapest (moved from 23rd of May 2021).

The venue is Hungexpo, a fairground in central Budapest.

The judge is Mr. Jaroslav Kubala (SK).

Entries are closed now: 37 dogs were entered into EDS 2021, 2 Bedlington Terrier breeder groups (Woollywood, HU and L'End Show, RU) and 1 brace (Patricia Eriksson, SE).

The Budapest Grand Prix Winner Show is on the 28th and Interra is on the 30th of December.

Best of Breed

It was an interesting show with quite a few "new" dogs and, of course, a lot of familiar ones.

This was Matvey's, L'End Show Metti Surprise At Glare, first huge show in Veteran Class. Obviously he still looked terrific so the World Dog Show 2021 Best In Show dog became Best Of Breed.

The World Dog Show 2021 BOS Bitch,Queen Quarta Garden Calypsa, also retained her title on the Euro Dog Show.

The results:

BOB, VBOB is L'End Show Metti Surprise At Glare, owned and bred by Elena Pykhtar

Dog Euro Winner is L'End Show Masterpiece For All Times, also owned by Elena Pykhtar

BOS and Bitch Euro Winner is Queen Quarta Garden Calypsa owned and bred by Elena Hrtánková

Other Winners

Minor Puppies

The Dog and Bitch Minor Puppy classes were won by dogs bred by the Woollywood kennel (owned by Zoltan Gortva):

Woollywood Superhero III. T'Challa (who is also Best Minor Puppy) and Woollywood Superhero III. Ramonda, respectively.


Both Dog and Bitch Puppy VP1 ended up at Anna Kulichova (Bos Grunniens kennel).

We liked the her Russian import dog very much (Kinterra Trust And Follow Your Heart), so we were pleased when he became Best Puppy.

The Bitch was from her own kennel: Qamari Bos Grunniens.

We hope to see them more as they grow up :)


There Junior classes were won by the L'End Show Kennel as well:

L'End Show Martin Maison Margiela (Best Junior)

L'End Show Mademoiselle Gold

Intermediate CACs

The dog CAC went to Magic Mike Mavertigo who is owned by Barbara Szilfai (owner of the Quote kennel).

The bitch CAC went to Stars Rondel Noble Adele (owned by Jaana Saar).

Open CACs

The Open Class CACs went to Bla Skuggans Business Class (owned by Szilvia Ternak) and Isotop's Kotte.

There were several dogs from Sweden on the show (imports and dog's with the kennels).

We really enjoyed seeing the Isotop and Toolbox dogs who don't show up too frequently in this area. They had a certain quality that was missing from many of the dogs on the show. They were not really appriciated by the judge though :(


Results - Dogs

Please note that we don't have all the official results. Only the "winners" were published online.

The order of the dogs are correct below, and we assumed all shortlisted dogs are Very Promising or Excellent.

Minor Puppy Class

  1. Woollywood Superhero III. T'Challa - VP1, Best Minor Puppy

Puppy Class

  1. Kinterra Trust And Follow Your Heart - VP1, Best Puppy
  2. L`End Show My Mojo - VP2
  3. Brilliant Garden Calypsa - VP3
  4. Toolbox Run Run Run - VP4

Not shortlisted:

  • Witch Master Winthrop
  • Woollywood Gothamstars V. Bruce Wayne
  • Woollywood Gothamstars V. Dick Grayson

Junior Class

  1. L'End Show Martin Maison Margiela - Ex1, JCAC, Best Junior

Intermediate Class

  1. Magic Mike Mavertigo - Ex1, CAC

Open Class

  1. Blá Skuggans Business Class - Ex1, CAC, RCACIB
  2. Notice Practice Makes Perfect - Ex2
  3. Woollywood Superhero I. Tony Stark - Ex3
  4. Chelsea'S Lifelong Fast Lane - Ex4

Champion Class

  1. L'End Show Masterpiece For All Times - Ex1, CAC, CACIB, Euro Winner
  2. Orinoco Flow Garden Calypsa - Ex2
  3. Coquet Water More Than I Can Say - Ex3
  4. Woollywood Superhero II. Peter Quill - Ex4

Not shortlisted:

  • Bond Von Der Vorgeest
  • Jumper Hunter Heavenly Summer
  • Waltz Garden Calypsa

Veteran Class

  1. L'End Show Metti Surprise At Glare - Ex1, VCAC, BOV, BOB, BOG2

Results - Bitches

Minor Puppy Class

  1. Woollywood Superhero III. Ramonda - VP1

Puppy Class

  1. Qamari Bos Grunniens - VP1
  2. Witch Master Willa

Junior Class

  1. L'End Show Mademoiselle Gold - Ex1, JCAC
  2. You Look At Me Mushanga - Ex2


  1. Stars Rondel Noble Adele - Ex1, CAC, RCACIB
  2. Maleficent Mavertigo - Ex2

Open Class

  1. Isotop's Kotte - Ex1, CAC
  2. Woollywood Superhero II. Carol Denvers - Ex2

Champion Class

  1. Queen Quarta Garden Calypsa - Ex1, CAC, CACIB, Euro Winner, BOS
  2. Bla Skuggans Xcellent Choice - Ex2
  3. Toolbox Smart Dog Number Six - Ex3
  4. Mademoiselle Blu S Eseninskoy Roshi - Ex4

Not shortlisted:

  • Notice Piece Of Cake
  • Woollywood Superhero I. Nathasa Romanoff


Event details


Venue: Hungexpo

Address: Albertirsai út 10

City: Budapest, Hungary


Start: 2021. December 28. 08:00

End: 2021. December 31. 16:00


Facebook: EDS2021


  • Minor Puppy Dog: 1
  • Minor Puppy Bitch: 1
  • Puppy Bitch: 2
  • Puppy Dog: 7
  • Junior Bitch: 2
  • Junior Dog: 1
  • Intermediate Bitch: 2
  • Intermediate Dog: 1
  • Open Bitch: 2
  • Open Dog: 4
  • Champion Bitch: 6
  • Champion Dog: 7
  • Veteran Dog: 1