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World Dog Show 2020 Madrid postponed to 2022


2022. June 23

Show summary

Hopefully, the final update:

World Dog Show 2020 Madrid will be on between 23rd and 26th June 2022!

The entries are closed now, we have added the statistics to the event. We can't be sure if these entries were all for 2022 or some of the won't be able to make it.

There are 25 entries in total (10 dog, 15 bitch) which is much lower than one would expect. We don't expect any Russian entries, however Russian exported dogs can be entered of course.

The Bedlington Terrier judge is Adolfo Martínez Noguera (ES), as it was.

The location is the same as it was originally.

PS: We won't remove previous updates just to keep a tab on how the events unfolded.

The World Dog Show 2020 is held in Madrid (Spain) in 2022 (sic!).

UPDATE: Change in show date!

UPDATE2: Second change in show date!

UPDATE3: WDS 2020 was postponed to 2020 due to the COVID-19 situation.

The Terrier Group will be on Friday earlier, so it most likely that it will be on the 18th of December 2020. The original judge was *Adolfo Martínez Noguera (ES). These are NOT officially confirmed yet.

The final entry date was the 1st of June, and it is rather pricey. The entry is closed right now (end of April) but it might reopen in the coming months.

WDS 2020 was originally scheduler for the 23-26th of April 2020 and then to 9-12th July 2020. Considering the restrictions to travel and large events due to COVID-19 there is a reasonable chance that the World Dog Show will be postponed again or cancelled. There are no official statements regarding this and there is still time before the show so these restrictions might be lifted by then.

The dates for all shows around WDS were changed too, it is not official yet but the following days are the most likely.

The RSCE Winner Show will take place will be on the 17th of December, the judge is Angel Sotoca Santos (ES).

The Special CAC will be on the 19th of December, the judge is Francisco Martínez Coloma (ES).

Spanish Champion title can be achieved in a week on these shows, please see details on the official web site.



BOB, from Veteran Class, is L'End Show Metti Surprise At Glare for the 7th time! Matvey is Best Veteran too of course.

Dog World Winner is Fralex Culibre Matveson who, as the name implies, is the son of 2020's BOB.

Dog RCACIB is L'End Show Masterpiece For All Times.

Bitch World Winner is Stars Rondel Noble Adele.

We weren't there on the show, and the online results are a bit vague, so please see the full results on this link.

Event details


Venue: IFEMA

Address: Feria de Madrid Avda. del Partenón, 5

City: Madrid, Spain


Start: 2022. June 23. 08:00

End: 2022. June 26. 17:00




  • Puppy Dog - 1
  • Junior Dog - 2
  • Open Dog - 1
  • Champion Dog - 5
  • Veteran Dog - 1
  • Puppy Bitch - 4
  • Junior Bitch - 3
  • Intermediate Bitch - 1
  • Open Bitch - 1
  • Champion Bitch - 5
  • Veteran Bitch - 1
  • Brace - 1
  • Breeding Group - 1