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Life with a Bedlington Terrier

What can I expect?

The big picture

Beddies are loyal, fun and playful dogs who will bring a lot of happines into your life if they are well taken care of.

They are calm dogs in general, good with kids and people. They get along with other dogs living with you. Living with other kind of animals (i.e. cats, bunnies, etc.) might be a problem however there are documented cases where they got along really well.

Beddies tend to be very jealous they won't appriciate you playing with another dog. They will literally climb on you until they have your full attention.

They are quite territorial, they will alert you if they think an intruder is approaching your home.

How much they bark? Not the biggest barkers but this really depends on how they were raised. They will surely bark while running around outside with their buddies :)

Beddies are small dogs with loud voice: their barking is frequently compared to a gunshot.

They have medium energy level which means 1-2 hours of daily exercise should be enough to keep them fit. That being said, they can play for a whole day if they have good company for it which is ideally an other dog.

Their daily exercise should be a mixture of physical and mental activity. Practically walking, playing with a ball and learning or practicing tricks and commands.

The amount of exercise needed varies for each individual dog. It is not too hard to spot if they don't get enough stuff to do: they will start nagging you to play with them :)

They are fairly active even when they are getting older, Beddies can live for more than 15 years.

With the family

Bedlington Terriers are great with children of all ages. They love to be around people in general. Once they get to know someone they will greet them with joy next time they meet. This might surprise your friends at first but they just don't forget anyone <3

When they come to age they tend to be suspicous towards strangers which won't last long if you actually know the person.

In the house

The Beddies might be the most practical dogs to keep indoors. They virtually don't shed, they don't have doggy odour and they are tidy in general.

They don't shed which sounds great at first, and it is great, but it also means they need to be groomed regularly. It might not be easy to find a Beddie groomer, ask you breeder about it.

They are small/medium sized dogs weighing about 8-10 kgs (18-22 lbs) and they are approx. 41 cms (15 inches) high at withers so they don't use up a lot of space :)

They are good learners so potty training them should not be a problem.

Keep an eye out for one thing: you should set the rules in the house. Setting up a few no-go zones (a couch, a few rooms) might help to keep them under control. They will "outpower" you and own the whole place if you are too soft on them.

Dog sports

They are sporting dogs and good learners. So they can perform well in various dog sports including coursing, agility, obedience, frisbee or just running with you.

Will they beat a whippet in running or a border collie in agility? Probably not, but you can surely have a lot of fun training and/or competing together!

During trainings you will find out soon enough that they are terriers through and through. They can be stubborn and will make you work really hard if you are not controlling them firmly. This will be quite hard considering how cute they are and how innocent they can look :D

Although they don't have retriever blood in their veins, they love to fetch things and it doesn't matter if they need to bring their toy back from a bush or from a lake.