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World Dog Show 2021 - Brno

BVV Veletrhy Brno

2021. September 30

About the show

UPDATE 2021-09-16 The judge will be Mr. Polehňa František (CZ), who is a Terrier breeder but not a Bedlington breeder.

The Word Dog Show 2021 will be held in Brno, Czechia. The Terrier Day (FCI Group III.) on the 1st of October 2021 (Friday).

The Bedlington judging will start at 9am and it will be in Hall V and Ring 6.

The show ground opens at 7:30am.

The venue is BVV Veletrhy Brno (National Exhibition Center).

The entries are now closed and it will be an interesting World Dog Show, if it takes place.

43 Bedlington Terriers were entered which is pretty good considering how 2020 and 2021 went down.

The last entry date was the 30th of July 2021 and it costs 130 EUR for the main show. The judge is Mr. Palosaari Juha (FI).


The winners, and owners of the title World Winner 2021, are L'End Show Metti Surprise At Glare took Best Of Breed and the Best of Opposite Sex was awarded to Queen Quarta Garden Calypsa.

L'End Show Metti Surprise At Glare "Matvey" was bred and is owned by Elena Pykhtar(RU). This amazing dog is now 6 (six!) times World Winner. This was his last World Dog Show in Champion Class because he will reach the Veteran age soon, but he might see him again competing for BOB.

L'End Show Metti Surprise At Glare later won Best In Group (Group III. / Terrier Group) and then became Best In Show crowning his amazing track record at World Dog Shows at one his greatest moments of his show career.

On the other hand Queen Quarta Garden Calypsa "Jolie", bred and owned by Elena Hrtankova (SK), is a young blue bitch who will turn 3 years old this December. She has deep blue colour and a lovely temperament with a bright future ahead of her on dog shows.

The show itself was well organised and it was good to be back on a big show like this. The ambiance was great and we could see some new faces as well showing their dogs.

Results - Dogs

Minor Puppy Class

  1. Eyes Of Angel Di Nepi Buffalo Bill (Silvia Proietti) - VP1, FCI World Promise 2021

Junior class

  1. Braveheart Hugo Von-Ebingen (Dawid Szpecht) - Ex1, CAJC, FCI World Junior Winner 2021

Intermediate class

  1. Magic Mike Mavertigo (Barbara Szilfai) - Ex1, CAC
  2. Petrus Diamond Lamb (Ewa Bobowska) - Ex2, RCAC
  3. Rhapsody Blue Of Angel´s Colors (Karin Jacob) - Ex3

Open class

  1. L'End Show Masterpiece For All Times (Elena Pykhtar) - Ex1, CAC
  2. Notice Practice Makes Perfect (Sandor Kiss) - Ex2, RCAC
  3. Dumbledore Iz Moskovskoy Bemty (Ewa Bobowska) - Ex3
  4. Waltz Garden Calypsa (Olga Boloni) - Ex

Further entries:

  • Woollywood Superhero I. Tony Stark (Aniko Gunyho) - Ex

Champion class

  1. L'End Show Metti Surprise At Glare (Elena Pykhtar) - Ex1, CAC, BOB, CACIB, FCI World Winner 2021
  2. Monet Garden Calypsa (Roman Hrtánek) - Ex2, RCAC, RCACIB
  3. Plumeria's Seven Seas (Alice Varchi) - Ex3
  4. Coquet Water More Than I Can Say (Magdalena Prochalska) - Ex4

Further entries:

  • Orinoco Flow Garden Calypsa (Peter Frigyes Kiss) - Ex
  • Blue Hunter Quaster (Birgitta Köthe) - Ex
  • Canny Diamond Dori (Irena Pipková) - Ex
  • Slovanský Perun Isaac (Dana Vlasáková) - Ex
  • Stars Rondel Lars (Maksim Sedoi) - Ex
  • Sting Garden Calypsa (Marko Günther) - Ex
  • Woollywood Superhero II. Peter Quill (Fanni Kadas) - Ex

Veteran class

  1. Helix Garden Calypsa (Roman Hrtánek) - Ex1, BOV, FCI World Veteran Winner 2021
  2. Blue Hunter Iron Maiden (Birgitta Köthe) - Ex2

Results - Bitches

Minor Puppy Class

  1. Qamari Bos Grunniens (Anna Kulichova) - ExP1, FCI World Promise 2021

Puppy class

  1. Mushanga You Look At Me (Magdalena Prochalska) - ExP1, FCI World Promise 2021
  2. Bonnie Bohemia Opus (Anna Kulichova) - ExN2
  3. Qamari Bos Grunniens (Anna Kulichova) - ExP1, FCI World Promise 2021

Junior class

  1. Sisley Dreams Of Angel´s Colors (Karin Jacob) - Ex1, CAJC, BOJ, FCI World Junior Winner 2021

Intermediate class

  1. L'End Show Mi Esperanza (Olga Plenkovskaya) - Ex1, CAC, RCACIB
  2. Maleficent Mavertigo (Marcin Hawro) - Ex2, RCAC, RCACIB
  3. Eyes Of Angel Di Nepi Barcellona (Silvia Proietti) - Ex3

Open class

  1. Annie Angel Bohemia Opus (Marcela Pobudová) - Ex1, CAC
  2. Notice Piece Of Cake (Reparata Gammella) - Ex2, RCAC
  3. Fralex Culibree Merletta (Christina Zamzow) - ABS

Champion class

  1. Queen Quarta Garden Calypsa (Roman Hrtánek) - Ex1, CAC, BOS, CACIB, FCI World Winner 2021
  2. Woollywood Superhero I. Natasha Romanoff (Fanni Kadas) - Ex2, RCAC
  3. Salt Of Life Garden Calypsa (Marko Günther) - Ex3
  4. Velvety Light My Fire (Karin Jacob) - Ex4

Further entries:

  • Emili Diamond Lamb (Ewa Bobowska) - Ex
  • Ursina Garden Calypsa (Sandor Kiss) - Ex


Event details


Venue: BVV Veletrhy Brno


City: Brno, Czech Republic


Start: 2021. September 30. 08:00

End: 2021. October 03. 16:00


Facebook: WDS2021


  • Minor Puppy Dog: 1
  • Minor Puppy Bitch: 1
  • Puppy Dog: 0
  • Puppy Bitch: 3
  • Junior Dog: 2
  • Junior Bitch: 1
  • Intermediate Dog: 3
  • Intermediate Bitch: 3
  • Open Dog: 5
  • Open Bitch: 3
  • Champion Dog: 11
  • Champion Bitch: 4
  • Veteran Dog: 2
  • Veteran Bitch: 0