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World Dog Show 2018 Amsterdam

RAI Amsterdam

2018. August 10

About the show

The number of Bedlington Terriers entered this year, 36 entries in 12 classes, is much lower than last year and even lower than what we expected considering the central location of the show.

Well, once we accepted that we can't do anything about this we became instantly very excited :D It will be great to meet this many Beddies along with their owners and breeders.

The Bedlington Terrier judging will be in Ring 51 and it will start at 9am on Friday (10th of August), which is the Terrier Day of the World Dog Show.

The judge is Theo Van Der Horst from the Netherlands.

There were 2 linked shows before and after the main show:

  • The Benelux Winner Show (CACIB), dogs entered: 17, judge: Monique Van Brempt (Belgium)
  • The Specialty Show (CAC), dogs entered: 22, judge: Bojan Matakovic (Croatia)

Landslide for L’End Show

The short version of the show: almost every title went to a L’End Show dog or a direct descendant of a L’End Show dog and at the same time they won almost every group.

They had quality dogs in almost all categories and the low number of dogs entered made the competition a bit one sided.

The situation was similar on the pre- and after-shows, see our coming separate article comparing the results for these 3 shows.

On the picture:

  • Mrs. Elena Pykhtar with World Winner BOB L'End Show Mikado King Of The Ring with (left)
  • Mrs. Eileen Clarke with World Winner BOS Fioralainn Russian Melody (right)

The rise of Mikado King Of The Ring

On the pre-show (Benelux Winner), on the post-show (Specialty) and on the World Dog Show 2018 as well L’End Show Mikado King Of The Ring took the 1st prize (World Winner, Junior World Winner, 3xBOB, 3xJBOB, 3xCAC).

Mikado King Of The Ring was entered in Junior class, the blue dog was born on the 09/09/2017 so he was at the age of 11 month at the time of the show. He was handled and is owned by Elena Pykthar.

The dog is coming from the Polish side of the kennel: the Dam (L’End Show Mistery Success) is with Edyta Kowalska. The Sire (Moonlight Shadow Bos Grunniens) is from the Slovakian kennel Bos Grunniens owned by Anna Agel.

This year’s Crufts winner (BOB and CAC) L’End Show Metti Surprise At Glare “Matvey” was competing on the show as well which, considering the results, might be a sign of a new era for the Bedlington Terrier shows.

We don’t know Elena’s plans with Matvey, who already won everything there is to win, and how will she align the two dogs. We will surely see very soon, the latest next March on Crufts 2019.

Fioralainn Russian Melody

On the World Dog Show the BOS went to Fioralainn Russian Melody who saw great success on the pre- and post-show as well (World Winner, 2xBOS, 2xCAC, Res.CAC, 2xCACIB). This lovely bitch was handled by Eileen Clarke (Australia) who is also the breeder and the dog is co-owned by Mrs. Pyhktar and Mrs. Clarke.

The Sire of this bitch is L’End Show Maybach Ace For Your Game and the Dam is Piperdene Blu Sky. She was entered in Intermediate class. She was born on 24/12/2016 so she was at the ago of 19.5 month at the time of the show.


The dog CACIB was awarded to L’End Show Metti Surprise At Glare which means he is also World Winner.

The dog Res.CAC went to Airs Blue Silver Rain who was entered in Junior class. The dog is owned by Galina Matus and was bred by G. Lupova.

The Res. CACIB was awarded to Moya Gordost Leyar Alfred, owned by Svetlana Pronkina and bred by E. Belokopytova.

The Veteran World Winner dog is Blue Heaven Almasy’s, bred by Laetitia Villot. The dog is owned by Josiane Piraube.

The Best Puppy of the Breed went to Waltz Garden Calypsa, bred by Elena Hrtankova and Roman Hrtanek. The blue dog was handled by Olga Boloni, and is co-owned by her and the kennel.

The bitch Res.CACIB and the Res.CAC went to Pionono Quedata A Mi Lado. The bitch is owned and bred by Nora Brussa Fedik (Spain). The Sire of this dog is L’End Show Misha The Greatest Romance and the Dam is Tasha De Oinnusa.

The bitch Junior World Winner was awarded to L’End Show Ma Vie, who is the sister of the World Winner L’End Show Mikado King of The Ring. Obviously bred by the same but co-owned by Elena Pykthar and Eileen Clarke. Mrs. Clarke may have brought her back to Australia, we need to fact check this.

The bitch Veteran World Winner was won by Toolbox Super Trouper, owned by Stephanie and Roman Houlle (France) and bred by Eva Byberg (Sweden).

Breeding Group

It is quite rare that a Bedlington Terrier Breeding Group competition is happenining!

Team Garden Calypsa (Slovakia) and Team L'End Show (Russia) packed with World Winners were both competing this year.

It was not hard to predict that the team having the BOB and the BOS will take the 1st place :)

That being said, team Garden Calypsa looked really good and they were well composed but today that was only enough for the 2nd place.

All results



1 | Very promising | BEST Puppy | Waltz Garden Calypsa


1 | Excellent |  BEST OF BREED, BEST Junior,  CAC |  L'End Show Mikado King Of The Ring

2 | Excellent | Reserve CAC |  Airis Blue Silver Rain

3 | Very good | |  Cadillac Car De Ochopeniques


1 | Very good | |  Sapfire Garden Calypsa


1 | Excellent | |  Cimisas A Beautiful Mind

2 | Excellent | |  Monet Garden Calypsaa

3 | Excellent | |  Almasy's My Name Is Bond

4 | Excellent | |  L'End Show Misha The Greatest Romance

| Very good | |  L'End Show Malvin

| Very good | |  Trevelyan's Upgrade I Want It All

| Absent | | Elizar


1 | Excellent |  CACIB |  L'End Show Metti Surprise At Glare

2 | Excellent | Reserve CACIB |  Moya Gordost Leyar Alfred

3 | Excellent | |  Blue Hunter Iron Maiden

4 | Excellent | |  Kinterra Eremey Gift For Soul

| Excellent | | Eyes Of Angel In Nepi All For The Winner

| Excellent | |  Blju Be Judzhens Forever Young

| Excellent | |  Bowlingbrook Great Gatsby


1 | Excellent | |  Blue Heaven Almasy's

2 | Excellent | |  Blue Hunter East Wood Kolja



1 | Very promising | | Isotop´s Rock Olga


1 | Excellent | |  L'End Show Ma Vie

2 | Excellent | |  URSINA Garden Calypsa

3 | Excellent | |  Notice Lipstick Jungle

4 | Excellent | |  Kinterra Melody Of White Nights


1 | Excellent | BEST OF OPPOSITE SEX,  CACIB,  CAC |  Fioralainn Russian Melody


1 | Excellent | Reserve CACIB, Reserve CAC |  Pionono Quedate A Mi Lado

2 | Excellent | |  OLIVIA SUN Garden Calypsa

3 | Excellent | |  Jaslane Des Archanges d'Orphée

| Absent | | Elizaveta


1 | Excellent | |  L' End Show Monroe All World At My Feet

2 | Excellent | |  Trevelyan's Tip Toeing To Succes

3 | Excellent | |  Almasy's Isn't She Lovely

4 | Excellent | |  Isotop's Famous Icon


1 | Excellent | BEST Veteran |  Toolbox Super Trouper

All competitors

Event details


Venue: RAI Amsterdam

Address: Europaplein

City: Amsterdam, Netherlands


Start: 2018. August 10. 09:00


Facebook: WORLDDOGSHOW2018


  • Puppy Dog: 1 entry
  • Junior Dog: 3 entries
  • Intermediate Dog: 1 entry
  • Open Dog: 7 entries
  • Champion Dog: 7 entries
  • Veteran Dog: 2 entries
  • Puppy Bitch: 1 entry
  • Junior Bitch: 4 entries
  • Intermediate Bitch: 1 entry
  • Open Bitch: 4 entries
  • Champion Bitch: 4 entries
  • Veteran Bitch: 1 entry