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Terri-Eri 2018

Hakunilan Urheilupuisto (Sports Park)

2018. August 25

About the show

BedlingtonTerrier.Dog will be reporting from Terri-Eri 2018!

It is the main show of the Finnish Terrier Organisation, an FCI III. category specialty show. It is also usually one of the biggest Bedlington Terrier event of the year. There was no official Bedlington Terrier specialty show in Sweden this year and Russia is driving distance so we hope EVERYONE shows up :D

We are really excited about it and also about visiting Helsinki for the 1st time ;)

25 beddies were entered to the show, so not a world record but still something considering the WDS 2018 attendence.

The Bedlington Terrier judging will start at 10:45 in Ring 12 and the judge will be Mr. Harri Lehkonen.


It was an interesting show with strong competition and thorough judging by Mr. Harri Lehkonen.

The winners showed great quality and they were well prepared and presented.

There were quite a few related dogs on the show so it was a good chance to see what the Finnish kennels are working on! It seemed to us that each kennel has a good idea what they are looking for in a Bedlington Terrier. This was reflected in their dogs, all within the breed standard of course.


Kimalteisen And Proud Of It (Salomaa Frida & Salomaa Frida)


Meripihkan Killer Queen (Liikanen Riitta-Maija & Liikanen Heikki)

CC bitch

Meripihkan New Flame (Liikanen Riitta-Maija & Liikanen Heikki)

BOB veteran

Meripihkan Forever Love (Sulka Mikko)

BOB puppy

Tanzara Kamomilla (Nuutinen Eila)

BOS puppy

Tanzara Kastanja (Nuutinen Eila)

BOB breeder

Meripihkan (Liikanen Riitta-Maija)

BOB progeny class

Cuenta's Idril (Määttänen Tapani)

The puppies

The most puppies on a show we have ever seen :O Needles to say it was great pleasure to watch them :)

Minor Puppy Dog

  1. Tanzara Kastanja (VP, Puppy BOS)
  2. Tanzara Kipinä

Puppy Dog

  1. Tinwelindon Svarog (VP)

Minor Puppy Bitch

  1. Tanzara Kamomilla (VP, Puppy BOB)
  2. Gabriella Iz Moskovskoy Bemty (VP)
  3. Tanzara Kuurankukka

The dogs

The number of adult dogs were a bit low on the show but the quality was good :)

Open Dog

  1. Cuenta's Bijou (Ex)

Champion Dog

  1. Kimalteisen And Proud Of It (Ex, BOB)
  2. Cuenta's Baldomar (Ex)
  3. Tanzara Ukulele (Ex)

Full results

A lot of lovely bitches were entered to the show, it was a really tight competition!

Intermediate Bitch

  1. Meripihkan New Flame (Ex, CAC)
  2. Meripihkan Never Say Never (Ex, RES CAC)
  3. Cuenta's Taguhi (Ex)
  4. Cuenta's Themba (Ex)

Open Bitch

  1. Tanzara Viola (Ex)
  2. Tanzara Zemina (VG)

Champion Bitch

  1. Meripihkan Killer Queen Excellent (Ex, BOS)
  2. Cuenta's Bahiyya (Ex)
  3. Meripihkan Je T'aime (Ex)
  4. Stars Rondel Keeper Of Beauty (Ex)

Kimalteisen Alice In Wonderland (Ex)

Tanzara Ulderica (Ex)

Veteran Bitch

  1. Meripihkan Forever Love (Ex, Vet. BOB)
  2. Tanzara Ivonette (Ex)

Tanzara La Chapelle (Abs)

Breeders programme

We are really proud of the 3 kennels who took the effort to enter the breeder's competition and the Cuenta's kennel also showed in Progeny class <3

Breeding groups

  1. Meripihkan
  2. Tanzara
  3. Cuenta's

Progeny class

  1. Cuenta's Idril

Event details


Venue: Hakunilan Urheilupuisto (Sports Park)

Address: Luotikuja 2

City: Vantaa, Finland


Start: 2018. August 25. 09:00


Facebook: events/1722883011347962


  • 2 minor puppy dogs
  • 1 puppy dog
  • 3 puppy bitches
  • 1 open dog
  • 3 champion dogs
  • 4 intermediate bitches
  • 2 open bitches
  • 6 champion bitches
  • 3 veteran bitches
  • 3 breeder's group
  • 1 progeny group