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Euro Dog Show 2019 Wels

Messe Wels

2019. June 14

About the show

BedlingtonTerrier.Dog will be reporting from the Euro Dog Show 2019!

The Austrian Kennel Club (ÖKV) will be hosting Euro Dog Show 2019 in Wels, Austria.

The Bedlington Terriers, and the whole FCI Group 3, will be on Friday.

The judge will be Ing. Hans Bierwold from Austria.

The entry is still open, the deadline is the 5th of April 2019: and

The show is followed by the Austrian Winner Show. The Beddies will be on Saturday and the judge will be Mr. Bojan Matakovic (CRO)


It has been an interesting show in Wels: the judging method was different than the usual. The judge was only checking front teeth and movement of the dogs in a circle. There wasn't even a table in the ring and linear movement wasn't checked either.

The official information was that the judges can only spend 1 minute on each dog however in the case of the Bedlington Terriers it was more like 30 seconds.

34 dogs were entered into the competition while 3 of them were absent.

Here are the winners of the show:

BOB Stars Rondel Genius Beauty 🏆 owned and bred by Natalja Kaljumae

BOS Vasilisa Iz Moskovskoy Bemty 🎖️ bred by Tatyana Sidorina, owned by Irina Kuklikova

BOJ Colacoda You Ought To Be A Special Edition 🎖️ bred by Raffaella Gammella, owned by Carmela Borgesi

BOV Velvety Daydreamer 🎖️ bred by Lise Nilsson, owned by Kata Plasztan

BOP Emili Diamon Lamb 🎖️ owned and bred by Ewa Bobowska

Judge: Mr. Hans Bierwolf

Congratulations to all of them and to all contenders!

The big mix-up (Full results)

Maybe caused by the rush in the ring, several results were incorrectly registered by the ring steward. The results below are the correct results which may differ from the official results.

The owners of the BOB dog had to argue with the judge and the stewards to correct the official BOB result because that was wrongly registered too. They succeeded so the official BOB is correct.

Junior Dog

  1. Colacoda You Ought To Be A Special Edition

  2. Plumeria's Seven Seas

  3. Granlasco Skyfall

Intermediate Dog

  1. Bond Von Der Vorgeest

  2. Waltz Garden Calypsa

  3. Granlasco Ragnar

  4. Canny Diamond Dori

Open Dog

  1. Stars Rondel Genius Beauty

  2. Night Diamond Bos Grunniens

  3. Valet Iz Moskovkoy Bemty

  4. L'End Show Malvin

X. Arkan Von Der Schwarzen Nebelburg

abs. Bandita Od Jakuba

abs. All For The Winner (Eyes Of Angel Di Nepi)

Champion Dog

  1. Orinco Flow Garden Calypsa

  2. L'End Show Metti Surprise At Glare

  3. Cocaloda Mr. Doubtfire

  4. Bowlingbrook Great Gatsby

Veteran Dog

  1. Velvety Daydreamer

Puppy Bitch

  1. Emily Diamond Lamb

Junior Bitch

  1. Out Of Fire Bos Grunniens

  2. Notice Piece Of Cake

  3. Mademoiselle Blu S Eseninskoi Roshi

  4. Xola Garden Calypsa

X. Gretta Iz Moskovskoy Bemty

Intermediate Bitch

  1. Umbella Garden Calypsa

Open Bitch

  1. Vasilisa Iz Mozkovskoy Bemty

  2. Kinterra Elf's Queen Enviable Star

  3. Let It Be Love Mushanga

  4. Artemida (Diamant Dulké)

abs. Elgabar Love for Dolgih Prudov

Champion Bitch

  1. L'End Show Monroe All World At My Feet

  2. Trevina Slim Extreme

Veteran Bitch

  1. Colacoda Dreaming Hollywood

Disclaimer: our dog, Waltz Garden Calypsa, was entered into the show.

Event details


Venue: Messe Wels


City: Wels, Austria


Start: 2019. June 14. 08:00

End: 2019. June 14. 16:00