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Euro Dog Show 2018 Warsaw

Ptak Warsaw Expo

2018. October 12

About the show

BedlingtonTerrier.Dog, as per current plans, will be reporting from the Euro Dog Show 2018!

The Polish Kennel Club association, celebrating its 80th anniversary, will be hosting Euro Dog Show 2018 in Warsaw, Poland.

The judge will be Mr. Csaba Zsolt Lokodi from Romania.

40 Bedlington Terriers were entered into the competition: 21 dogs and 19 bitches. 40 is a good number, we are quite pleased with it :)

The linked 80th Anniversary Jubilee Show will feature 13 beddies: 7 dog and 6 bitches. This show will be on Thursday (11th of October) and the judge will be Mr. Robert Kanas (SK).



Not too many surprises on the show, basically the World Dog Show results reshuffled a little bit. This show was, once again, dominated by the kennel L'End Show.

The only exception were the BOS and the dog CACIB which both went to L'End Show Mikado King of the Ring's dad Bos Grunniens Moonlight Shadow.

It was good too see the Bla Skuggans family competing on a major show after their really though year. Ann-Marie Lyberg pulled together a really nice get-together after the show.


Fioralainn Russian Melody #cacib - owned by Elena Pykhtar, bred by Eileen Clarke


Bos Grunniens Moonlight Shadow #cacib - owned and bred by Anna Kulichova (Agel)


L'End Show Mikado King Of The Ring - bred by Elena Pykhtar and owned by Elena Pykhtar and Sofia Vorontsova


Solo Rossi Sappore Di Sol - bred by Nadejda Pissareva and owned by Pawel Gasiorski

Judge: Mr. Csaba Zsolt Lokodi

Congratulations to all! #eds2018 #eurodogshow #eurodogshow2018

Dogs' competition

All results - Dogs

Minor Puppy Class

Kinterra Powerful Wind Of Change - Very Promising, I, Hope Of Europe, Best Minor Puppy

Junior Class

Airy Step Flesch Willybach - Excellent, III

L` End Show Mikado King Of The Ring - Excellent, I, European Junior Winner, Best Junior, Best Junior 3 Group Fci - I Place

Urquell Garden Calypsa - Very Good, IV

Waltz Garden Calypsa - Excellent, II

Intermediate Class

Night Diamond Bos Grunniens - Excellent, I CWC

Open Class

Airy Step Sugar Blues - Excellent

Blju Be Judzhens For You Only - Absent

Celvin Deimanto Dulkė - Excellent, IV (unofficial) - On the obtained video footage and photos this dog (#4781) seems to be the 4th placement. The handler of #4781 left the ring with the dog before the results were recorded by the ring assistants. The handler of #4782 joined the first 3 dogs for the photos so dog #4782 seemed like as if they won 4th place and that is how #4782 is officially the 4th.

Korallio Garden Calypsa - Excellent, IV (official) - Please note that on the official EDS web site and on the judging cards this dog is marked as the 4th placement but we think this is inaccurate

L'end Show Malvin - Excellent, II

Look Of Love Mushanga - Excellent, III

Moonlight Shadow Bos Grunniens - Excellent, I, European Winner Male = Cacib, Best Of Opposite Sex CWC

Champion Class

Jumper Hunter Heavenly Summer - Excellent

Jumper Hunter Hopeful Spring - Excellent

Kinterra Eremey Gift For Soul - Excellent, II

L End Show Metti Surprise At Glare - Excellent, I, Res. Cacib Male CWC

Monet Garden Calypsa - Excellent, III

Stars Rondel Genius Beauty - Excellent, IV

Veteran Class

Beryl Garden Calypsa - Excellent, II

Solo Rossii Sapore Di Sol - Excellent, I, European Pride, Best Veteran

Bitches' competition

All results - Bitches

Minor Puppy Class

Mademoiselle Blue S Eseninskoy Roshi - Very Promising, I, Hope Of Europe

Puppy Class

Out Of Fire Bos Grunniens - Very Promising, II

Velvety Time Travel Romance - Very Promising, I, European Future, Best Puppy

Junior Class

L' End Show My Mad Love - Excellent, I, European Junior Winner

Ursina Garden Calypsa - Excellent, II

Intermediate Class

Bla Skuggans Xcellent Choice - Excellent, IV

Fioralainn Russian Melody - Excellent, I, European Winner Female = Cacib, Best Of Breed CWC

Kinterra Miracle In Your Life - Excellent, II

Koda Von-Ebingen (Fci) - Excellent, III

Open Class

Blju Be Judzhens Save Your Kisses For Me - Absent

Let It Be Love Mushanga - Excellent, II

Willow Wind First Class Firecracker - Excellent, I CWC

Champion Class

Bla Skuggans Make My Day - Excellent, II

Dolly Von-Ebingen - Excellent

Kinterra Elfs Queen Enviable Star - Excellent, IV

L` End Show Moonlit Sensation - Excellent, I, Res. Cacib Female CWC

Olivia Sun Garden Calypsa - Excellent, III

Osina Slim Extreme - Excellent

Veteran Class

Stars Rondel Cailin - Excellent, I, European Pride

Event details


Venue: Ptak Warsaw Expo

Address: 62 Katowicka Avenue

City: Warsaw (Nadarzyn), Poland


Start: 2018. October 12. 09:00


Facebook: events/1486736884699139


  • 1 minor puppy dog
  • 4 junior dogs
  • 1 intermediate dog
  • 7 open dogs
  • 6 champion dogs
  • 2 veteran dogs
  • 1 minor puppy bitch
  • 2 puppy bitches
  • 2 junior bitches
  • 4 intermediate bitches
  • 3 open bitches
  • 6 champion bitches
  • 1 veteran bitch