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Owner(s): Ewa Pajuniemi

Facebook: ewapajuniemi

Instagram: ewapaj


Phone: 076 428 20 36





Show winner dogs (beta)

Titles shown since 2009 and only if confirmed by FCI.
Overall titles: 15 CACIB titles won by 4 different dogs in 3 different countries.
Yildiz Twister (Male, 5 CACIBs won between 2012 and 2013)

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  1. 2012/06/17 Sweden - Avesta
  2. 2012/08/31 Sweden - Hogbo/Sandviken
  3. 2012/10/14 Sweden - Sundsvall
  4. 2013/09/08 Sweden - Hogbo/Sandviken
  5. 2013/09/29 Finland - Eckero
Yildiz Just In Time (Male, 5 CACIBs won between 2015 and 2017)

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  1. 2015/09/27 Finland - Eckero
  2. 2016/08/13 Denmark - Bornholm
  3. 2016/09/03 Sweden - Sandviken
  4. 2017/08/13 Sweden - Askersund
  5. 2017/09/03 Sweden - Sandviken/Hogbo
Yildiz Jack Sparrow (Male, 4 CACIBs won between 2015 and 2017)

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  1. 2015/10/11 Sweden - Sundsvall
  2. 2016/10/16 Sweden - Sundsvall
  3. 2017/10/08 Sweden - Sundsvall
  4. 2017/11/04 Denmark - Herning
Yildiz Milda Matulda (Female, 1 CACIBs won in 2009)

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  1. 2009/09/06 Sweden - Hogbo/Sandviken


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