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Pegas Garden Calypsa

The Beddie of the Month is Byron.

We would love to involve the visitors of this site into The Beddie of the Month. Send us your story and a couple of photos of your Bedlington Terrier and you will be featured in this section!

The family friend

Byron, as most beddies, enjoys a long nap close to his human-filled pack. When he does that he is going for the most awkward position as you can see here :)

The perfect companion

Beddies are great companion dogs as well. You can bring a Beddie with you virtually anywhere. Just to be sure, don't forget to check if the place is dog friendly because they are not always recognised as lambs, goats or dinosaurs :)

Your dog will have a good time and might gather a few new fans for the breed as well!

The hunter

Although it is frequently said that a Bedlington Terriers don't need a lot of exercise to stay fit but that doesn't mean they don't love to be outdoors.

Do as many walks as possible to keep your Beddie in best shape. They love to roam the open fields and the forrests by their nature.

Beddies tend to have a strong hunting drive so they really enjoy a few rounds on a greyhound track. Keep this in mind when you are taking your dog off the leash in the wilderness.

The water dog

Bedlington Terriers are natural swimmers. They can go nuts around any body of water, salt or sweet all the same :)

That being said, keep an eye on your dog when you they first try swimming. They probably didn't learn as a puppy how to properly do this. Look for calm and shallow waters first and you can use an extra-long leash (5-10m) just to be safe

The flock

Byron is quite picky when it comes to playing with other dogs. It is a safe bet to join fellow Beddies, they get along really well! Not to mention how cute they are in large numbers <3